About C.U.D.R.A. 

C.U.D.R.A. - Coalition of Ultimate Drag Racers Association was founded and established in 2004 by Kenneth T. and Denise E. Kennedy.  C.U.D.R.A. is an organization with men and women who are dedicated to retaining the history of the pioneers of Drag Racing and educating our communities regarding the benefits of this sport.

C.U.D.R.A. was originally named Coalition of Urban Drag Racers because it was geared towards the everyday blue collar workers in our inner city whose perseverance and passion for the sport of Drag Racing is the reason for the success of most race tracks.  It was our goal to show the vast history behind these men and women.

However, as our group began to grow it became obvious that the history of Drag Racing and the Legends could not be contained to just one group of individuals, so to encompass what we were really all about and in order to keep the initials C.U.D.R.A  in 2011 the Urban became Ultimate.  A word that truly described the members of our team.

 In 2012 C.U.D.R.A. decided to take another step forward and develope a series class and to this end was the birth of The Ultimate Warriors - We initiated a 4.90 A/Gas Class - 5.50 B/Gas - 6.00 FX - 6.50 Pro Gas and 7.00 Street Eliminator - We also included a Bracket Class - Drake's Eliminator - After a rather slow start and some growing pains we now see our classes growing and gathering strength.

 Today C.U.D.R.A is focused on bringing the best of the best of index racing to Northeast Ohio - In 2013 we bought the very 1st Heads Up Index Nationals to Thompson Raceway Park.
C.U.D.R.A. has hosted 3 beautiful car shows, been involved with Back to School programs for less fortunate children, and has helped in entertaining VA Vets as well.   We have held some of the most spectacular parades in our communities, and will
continue with our goals to uplift the sport of Drag Racing and remove the media hype.

We look forward to a great 2014 racing season, and thank everyone who has supported us and will continue to support us!

We are in the process of doing new and exciting things for the upcoming season, however always keeping our ULTIMATE WARRIORS in the forefront of each project!

Put Simply:
C.U.D.R.A. is an Organization focused on Index racing in North East Ohio a! IHRA/NHRA Rod Style Index Racing! 4.90 5.50 6.00 6.50 and 7.00 Classes!!!!
A place for real drag cars to race! Tube chassis, Dragsters, Back-half,Stock Suspension car you name it! If it has wheels put it in the lanes and make it run the number!! No weight limits No Restrictions No Bullshit!!! Run what ever you Brung!!
Our main focus is racing! What you'll see with Cdr will be different from any other Form index racing besides IHRA and NHRA Rod Classes, We're focusing on our racers not what they choose to race! This Is a No Holds Barred all out Battle from a competition stand point! You'll see that we have no limitations with our new and Improved Run Whatcha bring format! What does this mean??? It means that ...See More
General Information
Pretty simple draft below on how things are gonna work in 2014 and the official posting will come soon,also more info to follow on the $2500 purse Guaranteed members only shootout!! Changes have been made to the 5.50 class as well as the rules format.

Our PromiseWith the Blessings, Grace and Guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we the officers and members of C.U.D.R.A. Coalition of ULTIMATE Drag Racers Association promise to continue to bring you the very Best in All  that we do.

President's Message:
It's Not Over Yet!
We may have raced our last Points Race for the 2014 season, but The ULTIMATE WARRIORS of C.U.D.R.A. are far from finished!  We are just getting started!

Despite rainouts and bad race dates, and no race dates the ULTIMATE WARRIORS haved excelled!  You took lemons and made lemonade.  Making some of the most exciting races some people have ever seen!  Thank You!  You have been noticed:  FINALLY!

We will have complete race dates in 2015!

Thank you to our extended race family:  We all hope you will become Warriors in 2015.

Special Thank You to our Sponsors:  This could not have happened without you!  We are in the hunt for more sponsors!  Help us if you can!

Thanks again to Jim Curtis and the TRP Staff.  We look forward to 2015:

Thank you Joe Gambino for extending an offer to the new Dragway 42:  We can't wait!

We already have 10 spots reserved for the Piston Power Auto Rama in March, 2015
To Our 2014 Champions
Congratulations for a Job Well Done!

Dave Covell


Tim Campbell Jr


Jerry Bieda

6.50 PRO GAS

Judd Phillips


Sylvester Barnes Jr.

August 24, 2014
Thompson Raceway Park

4.90 A/GAS
Dave Covell - Winner
Donnie Swindell - Runner Up

5.50 B/GAS

Tim Campbell Jr. - Winner
Earl Scott - Runner Up

6.00 FX

Troy Wotring - Winner
Jerry Bieda - Runner Up

6.50 PRO GAS

Bob Marr - Winner
Tom Armstrong - Runner Up

7.00 Street Eliminator

Tom Hecker - Winner
Sylvester Barnes Jr. - Runner Up

August 10, 2014
Thompson Raceway Park

4.90 A/GAS

Jess Harris - Winner
Dave Covell - R/U

5.50 B/GAS

Ryan Cueni - Winner
Tim Campbell - R/U

6.00 FX

Brian Kennelly - Winner
Troy Wotring - R/U

6.50 PRO GAS

Bob Marr - Winner
Tom Hecker - R/U

7.00 Street Eliminator

Kyle Freeman - Winner
Mike Sehiberl - R/U

July 19, 2014 - /rainout

July 6, 2014

Overall Winner - Tyler Underwood

June 28, 2014```````````````````````

4.90 A/Gas:
Dave Covell - New Ultimate Warrior
(4.948 - 118.10)
Donny Swindell - Runner Up
(5.206 - 130.55 mph)

5.50 B/Gas:
Ryan Cveni - Winner
(5.515 - 125.10 mph)
Brad Slaughter
(R/L -.0063) (5.598 - 97.49 mph)

6.00 FX
Brian Kennelly - Winner
(5.995 - 106.80)
Clay Courson - Runner Up
(5.951 - 120.93)

6.50 Pro Gas
Bob Marr - Winner
(6.521 - 103.36)
Jud Phillips - Runner Up/ Ultimate Warrior
Redlight - -0065
(6.4775 - 95.84 mph)

7.00 Street Eliminator
Brian Foecking - Winner
Lon Damon - Runner Up

4.90 A/GAS  - ENTRY $100

 5.50 B/GAS - ENTRY $50

6.00 FX - ENTRY $50

6.50 PRO GAS - ENTRY $50


Saturday, May 17, 2014 -
Thompson Raceway Park

Saturday, June 28, 2014 -
Thompson Raceway Park

Sunday, July 6, 2014
Dragway of Magnolia

Saturday , July 19, 2014
Thompson Raceway Park

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Dragway of Magnolia

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Thompson Raceway Park

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Thompson Raceway Park

Block Party
June 21, 2014
Lee Road & Stockbridge
A special showing for the Youth of Lee Road Baptist Church

god Bless and Keep Your Wheels UP                
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